Blueprint to BOOKED OUT Services
10 weeks of 1:1 Support helping you create a consistent stream of ready to BUY HIGH END CLIENTS 
A Step-by-Step Program for Driven Ladies 
Wanting A Consistent Stream of READY TO BUY Clients, Become a LEADER in Your field WHILE Working less than 25 hours a week.. in less than 90 days.
 Are you tired of sitting at your computer waiting for application forms to come in?

Avoiding checking your bank balance in fear of seeing the same number week after week when it should be WAYY farther along by now?

Are you SO done posting and commenting inside in FB groups hours every day with still no new clients?

   Feeling authentic when messaging people on FB or IG in hopes they will become a client..but don't know any other way?

Dreading getting on yet another sales call where (*fingers crossed*) they will choose to work with you?

Here's Why:
I get it.. because I was you...
And YES, it's totally possible for you too.

But to get real.. my first year of business felt like a roller coaster of income. 
$2k one month with sold out workshop to the next two months barely scraping by.. Then $3k a month but just couldn’t get farther and was driving myself insane.

Constantly tweaking my call form, thinking if I could just get it *exactly* right.. that would work. While constantly refreshing my inbox to see if a new call application was booked..and it wasn’t.

Plus kept attracting people who couldn’t pay my  price point or just totally not my people.. and began to feel defeated.
As I had a week where not 1, but 3 reschedules or no shows

Something had to stop, I was tired of stressing how I could get past my income stuck at the same number each month or dipping into lower.

I kept doing MORE: buying more programs to show me what I was missing.. which just left on constant tug a war of stress or short on time.
(Any of this ringing a bell?)
*this is why I created the PAC method and everything changed... 
Like ➡️ Selling out my Workshop in Less than 7 Days.
➡️Closing $1500 Packages on Messenger
and doubling my FB group size in 3 Days 
Traveling to 4 Countries in 6 Months while new clients came to me
...just to name a few 
And why is a 1980’s video game character involved..
This method came after my clients were able to get good results but not as much as they should have.. Especially since I spent over $29,520+ to work with the best in business so I knew it wasn’t the strategy.
..But something was missing.
Is the way you’re known it the space, your special sauce of story, messaging, and personality making YOU an expert (and a well paid one) in your field!
Most  'gurus' straight to "attraction" but without this, you're leaving $1000+/mo on the table.
Once positioning is dialed in. 
That's when it's time to drive traffic to your corner of the internet and grow your audience into a stream of ready to buy prospects.. 
With a special dash of persuasion psychology to use in your posts that attract your ideal client with ease.
My client's second favorite part because this is where the physical $$ and clients are made BUT without "P" + "A" done correctly leads to low sales, inconsistent months, and having a permanent ticket aboard the “struggle bus working 45+ hours/week”.

This is casually known as the Ms. PAC-man method because: 
 She is as equal to a man (pac-man), independent (Ms.) and could chomp up as many ghosts (obstacles) as she needs to win, all with keeping a bow on her head. 
  Can I get an Amen?

Here’s the nitty gritty of what we’ll cover in our time together:
Phase 1- Positioning  
  •  Crafting your custom strategy using Organic Marketing: IG, FB, Email to hit 6 figure sold out status.
  •  Have a tailor made roadmap unique to your unique business model, gifts, and find out where your ideal client is so that closing $2000+ clients is simple AND repeatable.
  •  Discover the #1 way to convey the true value of your program to your followers so they know it’s 100% for them and hand you their credit card information.
  •  Uncover your 2-3 Profitable Pillar Stories, that position you as an expert and shorten the lead time from Cold- “I just met you” to Hot- “I want to pay you".
  •  Develop your Profile One Liner to put on your Facebook, Instagram, and Website that allows you to immediately attract higher paying clients and repel the freebie loaders.
  •  Create your profitable corner online through messaging hacks that Sold Out 3 1:1 Spots in 1 Week.
Phase 2- Attraction
  •  Develop a multi-platform content schedule that easily attracts high end clients while cutting 4 hours/week online.
  •  Audience Expansion: Reach new followers while learning the strategy that brought in 110+ Fb Group members  in less than 3 days without Ads. 
  •  Video Views to Leads- Using IG story + Live video, find out how to sell your program effortlessly without costing you a dime.
  •  Copywriting Caption hacks on how to write Posts in 1/2 the time that double likes + comment engagement!
  •  Steal my IG hacks for 2.5x engagement and getting DM’s like: “how can I work with you right now?”
  •  Clear guide on what 3 Types of Posts to create the Like, Know, and Trust factor (i.e. train your followers to buy from you). 
  •  And which #tags and visibility tips will attract dozens of your soon to be favorite clients to your profile.
  • 8 Money-Making Marketing Tasks to nurture your audience while bringing new ones to grow your list, IG and Fb group past 5000+ followers.

Phase 3- Conversion
  •  Full breakdown of how I plan out launches that sold my workshops and landed high paying leads.
  •  Driving high quality traffic to your Website for free through simple Instagram and Pinterest workflow.
  •  Design a Simple, Repeatable Sales Funnel that has ideal clients go from stranger, follower, to prospect to client with a freebie and email sequence that allows you to get booked consistently on autopilot.
  •  Crafting Posts + Pages that SELL: Sales posts, sales pages and how to create content for promotion that connects to your ideal clients and sell them your offer for YOU.
  •  End non-committing or low paying prospects by stealing my exact promo post process to only have HIGH Quality leads book.
  •  Learn exactly how to use H3 Framework to have followers say YES before even getting on the phone.
Sahara Rose
Ayurveda Health Author + Speaker
"Danielle is SO knowledgeable about marketing strategy and a clear vision and is a wonderful blend of both the creativity and the technical, which is SO hard to find!  

She got my FB ads to $ .80 per click which is unheard of in the industry!
 I would 100% recommend her! I am truly marveled by her extensive knowledge."
Here’s what happens after you implement the PAC method
When your  "P" in POSITIONING is on fire 
When your "A" in ATTRACTION is aligned 
When your "C" in conversion is poppin'
Chrissy Tolley
Spiritual Guide + Trauma Counselor
"I was impressed with how Danielle was able to understand what I wanted before I did.

Danielle made design approachable and helped me understand the nuances of social media marketing I didn’t see before"
What's Included?

➡️ FULL ONLINE PRESENCE AUDIT: Go through your Website, FB, IG and develop an actionable plan on attracting your people consistently ($1100 Value)

➡️CONTENT FEEDBACK: Any piece of content (both written + video) in the 10 weeks so that it performs the best while converts followers to clients ($2500 Value)

➡️ 5-8 Page CUSTOM Written BLUEPRINT on your Booked Out Strategy (worth $1047+)

➡️ Unlimited support via Slack + Voxer so you’re not doing any of this alone ($3500)

➡️ Templates (Landing/Sales Page/Emails/Graphics) that convert the best ($750 Value)

➡️ 6 x 30 min STRATEGY calls with Danielle via Zoom ($2000 Value)

➡️ Live 1:1 Tutorials + Walkthroughs via Loom ($850 Value)

Total Value $11,747
 Easy one-time payment of:
Billed once.
    3 Easy Payments of:
    Billed monthly, no set up fee.
      My promise to you, this is the stuff  you’ll be using in your marketing and business for DECADES.

      LIMITED SPACES AVAILABLE (only 2 spots left)
      Janet Gonzales
      non-profit Grant Writer
      "With Danielle, I grew my business while I managed to continue my 60 hour work week. 
      There’s NO way I could’ve done that myself. 

      I spent a little compared to by the end getting my business COMPLETELY up and running with clients. 

      Danielle is 100% WORTH the investment. 
      This is for YOU if...
        You have a service based biz where you're the face of the brand.
       You're the kind of entrepreneur who has a story to share that can impact others and step into that “go to leader” role.
       You're someone who knows what you do works and that you're worth more than only 2-3 low end clients a month.
      You’re the kind of entrepreneur who is an action taker + knows she has to move fast to get desired results now.
      You’re the kind of entrepreneur who loves knowing exactly what they need to do in order to hit their goals.
      This is NOT for YOU if...
       You sell PHYSICAL products only.
      While I love me some physical products (shout out to shampoo and conditioner), my area of expertise focuses more on helping service based entrepreneurs create and sell their offerings.
       You aren't willing to put in the time and effort. - it doesn't work unless YOU do!
      Success doesn't happen overnight, and while I WILL be giving you step-by-step guidance so that you can get the results you want as fast as possible. It (just like any other big goal) will require time and effort on your part.
       You look for excuses of solutions
      (i.e. using the weather as a reason why you can't do what's on your to-do's) 
      Amber Rubye
      Self Love Writer +Blogger
      "Danielle got me miles ahead from where I was and it would have taken me ages to be able to do what she does so intuitively!"
      Real Talk: If You Don’t Do Anything New from where you're at now.. that 6-figure business owner inside never gets realized. 
      • Stuck putting money into another outdated course that doesn't fit who YOU are.
      • Left with more stress, overwhelm, and only enough money to pay the bills.
      • Your to-do list and business begins to run you.
      Something has to change.
      LIMITED SPACES AVAILABLE (only 2 spots left)
      You're moments away from finally getting consistent income and growth  in your business. 
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